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Group Medical
Group MedicalGroup Medical

As a caring employer, you may wish to provide your employees, on top of the compulsory Employees Compensation protection, medical benefits to cover their non-work related illnesses. Falcon's Group Paragon Medical Plan is specifically designed for companies with 5 - 30 employees.

Main features
  1. A choice of 3 plans with Hospitalization Benefits and optional Outpatient Benefits

  2. Pre-set Premium Rate Table ready for budgeting

  3. Simple administration procedure

  4. 24 hours Worldwide Cover

  5. Free choice of hospitals and doctors

  6. Dependant coverage available
Key Benefits
  • Hospitalization Benefits:
    1. Room & Board

    2. In-hospital Doctor Visits

    3. Hospital Special Services

    4. Surgical Benefits

    5. In-hospital Specialist Visits

  • Outpatient Benefits (Optional with 80% or 100% reimbursement)
    1. General Doctor Consultation

    2. Specialist Consultation

    3. Diagnostic Laboratory Tests

    4. Chinese Herbalist/Bonesetter/Acupuncturist Treatment

Major Exclusions
  • Pre-existing illnesses or injuries; pregnancy

  • Routine physical examination; vaccination; dental examination and treatment; cosmetic or plastic surgery

  • Treatment relating to vision or fitting of glass

  • Treatment relating to birth defects and congenital illnesses

  • Prosthetic appliances such as artificial limbs and hearing aids

  • Treatment of mental illness

  • Self-inflicted injury, abuse of alcohol, drug addiction or sexually transmitted diseases

  • AIDS or AIDS-related complex syndrome

  • Professional sports; rest cures

  • Sickness or injury resulting from war, strike, riot, civil commotion, any criminal act or terrorism
    • Employee (upon completion of probation period) and legal spouse aged between 16 and 64.

    • Employee's unmarried child aged between 14 days and 18 years or 22 years for full-time student.

    • If the number of employees is 10 or below, medical health statement has to be completed by each insured person for individual underwriting.

    • The minimum group size is 5 employees.
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