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Our Strength
Our Strength
Experienced Professionals

Falcon is managed and run by a team of professionals, many of whom have practical experience both in Hong Kong and overseas. Their solid track record and knowledge of the local regulatory environment and market ensure a high level of expertise and integrity throughout.

Customer Satisfaction

Falcon's strategic goal is to provide superior customer service. We are always ready to suggest to customers appropriate cover commensurate with their specific requirements. The company devotes special attention to customer feedback, and to insurance intermediaries both in the process of accounts servicing and in the development of innovative insurance products catering to the evolving needs of corporations and individuals in a fast-changing world.

Claims Servicing

We believe that customer satisfaction will only be complete if an insurance company is equipped with an efficient and fair claims management system. Falcon fully recognizes the importance of this aspect of the operations, and has in place a professional team of proven track record and excellent market reputation. This approach ensures customers' peace of mind by placing their security in good hands.

General guidelines for major lines of claims are available to advise clients on information or documentation that are needed in order to expedite claims settlement.

Additional Services for Corporate Customers

Falcon offers additional services in the form of training and risk control. We can arrange training for customers ranging from the introduction of insurance concepts, to specific training on our product line and how to deal with claims. Further, our Risk Control Manager will be pleased to arrange risk inspections and give his recommendation on loss control as well as hold training seminars for customer groups as and when required.

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