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Corporate Ethics
Corporate Ethics
We strongly believe in high ethical standards in all of our business and internal activities. This is embodied in what we call Falcon's 'Rules of the Game' which are herewith listed:

  • Honesty and integrity are essential in all our relationships and will never be compromised.

  • We are results oriented - not political.

  • We are team players - no "egos". A confrontational style is not appropriate. We value loyalty - to Falcon and our colleagues.

  • We are hard working but not at the expense of our families.

  • We always look at opportunities but emphasize downside protection and look for ways to minimize loss of capital.

  • We are entrepreneurial. We encourage calculated risk taking. It is all right to fail but we should learn from our mistakes.

  • We will never bet the company on any project or acquisition.

  • We believe in having fun - at work!
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