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WinHome (Home Contents Package)
Win HomeWin Home

There's possibly nothing more important than ensuring that the home you and your family seek comfort from is safe from any potential danger. Considering the fact that it is the single most valuable asset you've invested in, it only makes sense to have your home adequately protected.

Our Win Home is targeted at meeting this need. Specially designed to protect the contents of your home, your liability and most importantly, you, this comprehensive home insurance package comes with a wide range of free services and allows you the flexibility to choose the amount of coverage you and your family need.

Key Benefits

A basic Win Home cover comes with 2 sections:
1. Home Contents 'All Risks' Protection
2. Occupier and Personal Liability Protection

In addition, there are 2 other optional covers:
3. Building Protection
4. Worldwide All Risks Personal Belongings Protection
Summary of Cover

Part A - Basic Cover

  1. Home Contents 'All Risks' Protection:
    This section offers an 'All Risks' Protection to the contents, including valuable items and cash in your home.

    What's more, you'll enjoy the following FREE Extensions under this Section:
    • Temporary Accommodation: for when your home becomes uninhabitable due to an accident

    • Fatal Accident Benefit: for deaths caused in your Home by fire or thieves

  2. Occupier and Personal Liability:
    This Section covers you and your family members' legal liability in Hong Kong as well as temporarily in the world for up to HK$5,000,000 per occurrence.

  3. Additional Benefit:
    Win Home also provides Complimentary Referral Services for you so that you'll have access to help in case of emergency. The 24- hour Home Assistance Hotline Services is provided by IPA and its services include:
    • Baby - sitting / Nursing Assistance

    • Locksmith Referral

    • Electrical Referral

    • Pest Control / Cleaning Services Referral

    • Domestic Helper Enquiry

    • House Call / Dental Referral

    • Plumbing Referral

    Remarks: The insured has to be responsible for the charges of all services being provided.

Part B - Optional Cover

  1. Buildings Protection:
    This Section offers an 'All Risks' protection on walls, ceilings, windows and other domestic structure of your home on a 'new for old' basis.

  2. Worldwide All Risks on Personal Belongings Protection:
    This Section provides a worldwide cover for your personal belongings and valuables against loss or damage by fire, theft and other accidental means up to HK$150,000 per policy.
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