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CarProtect - Frequently Asked Questions
  • In case, the car is on hire purchase, who will we pay the claim to - the purchase owner or the insured?
    For the partial loss case, we would direct settle with the Insurer or repairer. For total loss case, we will settle with both Insured and Mortgagor depending on the remaining balance of loan.

  • I was required to take a statement in the police station after an accident. Do I need to keep a copy of the statement?
    Your are advised to obtain a copy from the police - you have the right to do so. If you can provide your insurer with a copy of the statement right away, it would normally speed up your claim process.

  • Who do I complain to in case I am not satisfied with the claim handling procedure?
    You can either complain to the Claims Manager of this Company. If you are the holder of a personal policy, you can also complain to the Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau.

  • Which garages can I go to?
    You are free to choose your own garage. But you have reported the claims to Insurance Company and provided the repair quotation to claims department. Repair work should not be made before appoved by the Insurance Company

  • What should I do when I receive a claim letter from a lawyer. General Condition (c) says I should not admit liability.
    Simply pass the letter to the insurer immediately. If for any reason you feel obliged to provide an answer to the lawyer, write to inform them that the case has been passed to insurer for handling and copy this letter to your insurer as well.

  • I was informed by my driver that an accident has taken place but I am now in receipt of a claim from a third party. What should I do?
    Send everything to your insurer immediately and also advise them that you were unaware of the accident. At the same time make sue that you assist the insurer to obtain full details of the accident from your driver.

  • How can I make a claim?
    Please fill out a claim form which is available at the claims corner. Details of procedures can be found at the corner.

  • Who do I call to check claim status?
    Please call our Claims Department. You would normally find the name and telephone number of your claims handler in our correspondences with you.

  • I receive from the Court some papers that I cannot comprehend. What should I do?
    Pass them immediately to your insurer. They may be referring to a litigation against you to pay compensation to a third party. There is usually a very short time limit (in the matter of days) for you or your insurer to respond to the Court.

  • Does the insurance company take ownership, if the garage has not done a good job in repairing the car ?
    No, as the garage is chosen by you, insurer is unable to bear responsbility of their workmanship.

  • For car theft case, when will be the time for insured to obtain compensation?
    The Insurer wil indemnify the insured fater the investigation result of the car theft case completed subject to the policy terms and conditions. Normally, the police will inform the investigation result to the insurer within theree months once the insured reported the incident to the police.

  • After motor surveyor inspected the vehicle, insured decide not to claim under own damage section. Can he just pay for the related fee and retain the original survey report?
    If there is no bodily injury involved in the accident, the inusred may pay us survey fee for obtaining the motor survey report of his/her vehicle damage if he/she is decided not to lodge the claim his own damage to his/her vehicle.

  • Can the insured pay the windscreen damage first and make a claim to Falcon later?
    If the repair cost is exceeded $2,000, the insured are suggested reporting the accident to the Insurer for direct handling.

  • Could the insured withdraw the claim after reporting it for the company’s record?
    If there is bodily injury involved in the accident, the insured is not allowed to withdraw the claims. Even if no bodily injury involved in the accident, the insured neends to sign an undertaking form for shouldering his/her liability to third party's loss in the future.

  • The insured driver and passenger are employees of the insured. Both of them were injured in the traffic accident. Can they claim bodily injury under the motor policy?
    They should make a claim under their Employees' Compensation Insurance.

  • The vehicle is retained by the police, when is the right moment for me to report the claim?
    Although the vehicle is retained by the police, the insured should complete the Motor Insurance Claim Form and report the accident to the Insurers as soon as possible so that his/her right and interest can be protected under the insurance policy.

  • When an accident occurred whether the insured vehicle can still be used thereafter?
    If there is no third party involved in the accident and the vhicle is roadworthy, he/she could use the vehicle. Generally speaking, we suggest the insured to appoint a nominated garage to tow the vehicle for repairing.

  • Whether any time limit is fixed for reporting a claim?
    According to the policy conditions, the Insured should report the accident to the Insurer with full particulars as soon as possible if it may give rise to a claim under hi/her insurance policy.

  • What is the legally permitted level of alcohol in Hong Kong?
    If the insured prepare to use the vehicle, it is not recommended to have alcohol drink as two cup of beer has already exceeded the legally limit.
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