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As per the Motor Vehicles Insurance (third Party Risks) Ordinance issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government, a motor vehicles user on the road must insure his / her liability for death or bodily injury of third parties.

Car insurance although required by regulatory laws, also helps in protecting against damages to the car itself. It doesn't have to be hard.

Three common types of car insurance exist:
  • Act Only Insurance - covers only third party bodily injury and death. This is the minimum insurance requirement for any car to be allowed to run on the road

  • Third Party Liability Insurance - covers third party property damage in addition to the minimum legal requirements for third party bodily injury and death

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance - covers any accidental loss or damage to the car and all the third party losses
Falcon insurance offers a comprehensive package policy - CarProtect for your vehicles. CarProtect offers a wide range of benefits to help you protect yourself, your passengers and your car from the risks of being on the road. We cover third party liability (TPL) for bodily injury and / or death as required by law, loss or damage to the vehicle insured, personal accident cover for owner / driver.

Buying is easy. Just Click on the Get a Quote button and provide details. We will get back to you shortly

Payment can be made using any of the following options :

1. Credit Cards (you need to provide us with your credit card details. Your information will be stored securely)
2. Jetco (we will provide the account information and you need to transfer funds to this account)
3. Bank Cheques

Please note that for credit cards, we also provide monthly instalment facility at no extra cost
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