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Property All Risks
Property All RisksProperty All Risks

Though providing protection for essentially the same thing, coverage under Property All Risks is much broader than that of Fire Insurance in that it provides cover for all causes of accidental loss of or damage to property except those specifically listed as exclusions.

Property All Risks Insurance is suitable for both residential homes and commercial businesses and is perfect for those who wish to insure their property against all possible risks but prefer stand-alone policies to packaged ones.

This description is intended to be a general summary of the type of coverages included in this product. Your needs maybe very different and will need different kinds of cover to actually manage the risks involved. We understand this and are happy to built a specific policy that will meet your requirements

If the above coverage is not enough to encompass your needs, you’re more than welcomed to request a tailor-made product with extended cover* for items such as:

- Reinstatement Value Insurance
- Automatic Reinstatement of Sum Insured
- Removal of Debris
- Capital Additions
- Fire Extinguishment and Other Costs

Major Exclusions

A quick glance at some of the exclusions for this product:
  • Deductible as specified

  • Loss or damage due to war, invasion, riot or civic commotion

  • Loss or damage due to confiscation, requisition or destruction of the government authority

  • Loss or damage due to or contributed by nuclear weapons material, radiation, contamination by radioactivity

  • Consequential loss or damage of any kind

  • Judgment from outside the jurisdiction of Hong Kong SAR
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