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OfficeProtect (Comprehensive office protection)

Worrying about your business is our duty, not yours

Financial stability is the key to the success of a company, which is why Falcon's OfficeProtect - an all-in-one insurance plan, is what you need. Specially designed to ensure smooth running of your office, our product is all-encompassing and caters to all your protection needs, so you can focus on your business hassle free!

Key Benefits

Office Protect comes with 4 Sections:

1. Contents All Risks Protection
2. Business Interruption Protection
3. Money Protection
4. Public Liability Protection

In addition, there is also an optional cover for Employees’ Compensation Insurance if you wish to have your legal liability as an employer covered under the same policy

Summary of Cover

Section 1 - Office Contents 'All Risks' Protection

This All Risks Section offers protection to the office contents at your premises, including your property and property for which you are responsible, all replaced as new.

The FREE extensions that come with Section 1 include:

Section 1 Extensions 
Accidental breakage of fixed glass in the officeFREE
Loss or damage of temporarily removed office contents from the officeFREE
Loss or damage to personal effects of employeesFREE
Removal of debris following an accident resulting in loss or damage to office contentsFREE
Loss or damage of documents in transit in Hong KongFREE
Loss or damage to office contents whilst the office is under alteration or repair, provided that the value of each Contract does not exceed HK$500,000FREE
Loss or damage to office contents whilst the office is under alteration or repair, provided that the value of each Contract does not exceed HK$500,000FREE
Costs incurred by professional architects, surveyors or other such professionals for the reinstatement of your office upon loss or damageFREE
Costs of fire extinguishmentFREE
Costs of compiling records for claims verificationFREE

Section 2 - Business Interruption Protection

This Section gives you free protection for increase in cost of working for up to twelve months resulting from loss or damage to your office contents. The maximum limit here is HK$500,000 for an indemnity period of 12 months.

FREE Extensions for this Section include:

Section 2 Extensions 
Costs of professional accountants for claims verificationFREE
Increase in cost of carrying on your business resulted from being denied access to your business premisesFREE
Increase in cost of carrying on your business necessitated by the failure of public utilitiesFREE

Section 3 - Money Protection

This section protects you against the loss of money for free.

This gives you FREE protection for:

Section 3 Extensions 
Loss of Money in transit between the office and any bank or post officeFREE
On the premises during business hoursFREE
On the premises out of business hours in a locked safe or strongroomFREE
On the premises out of business hours not in a locked safe or strongroomFREE
In a bank night safeFREE
Loss of crossed cheques and/or postal orders, crossed money orders and crossed bankers draftsFREE
Damage to safes and strongrooms caused by theftFREE
Loss due to fraud or dishonesty by your EmployeeFREE
Compensate you and your employees following accidental death, loss of both limbs, loss of sight of both eyes, permanent total disability to attend any occupation because of robbery or hold upFREE

Section 4 - Public Liability Protection

This gives you free cover for your legal liability in respect of compensation for third party bodily injury and/or property damage arising in connection with your business. The limit of liability provided is HK$10,000,000.

More Free Extensions for this Section:

Section 4 Extensions 
Legal liability of directors, partners and employees of your company arising from occasional visits outside Hong KongFREE
Legal liability as tenant for damage caused to the office premisesFREE
Legal liability caused by alteration of your office premises provided that the contract value of such alteration does not exceed HK$500,000FREE
Legal liability arising whilst undertaking activities on behalf of welfare social and/or sporting clubsFREE
Legal liability of you and any member of your contracted first aid organizationFREE

Section 5 (Optional Cover) - Employees' Compensation

This covers employers' liability to employees in accordance with the Employees' Compensation Ordinance and Common Law up to HK$100,000,000 per accident, for injuries or death of your employees arising out of and in the course of employment.


General exclusions:
  • Deductible as specified

  • Loss or damage due to war, invasion, riot or civic commotion

  • Loss or damage due to confiscation, requisition or destruction of the government authority

  • Loss or damage due to or contributed by nuclear weapons material, radiation, contamination by radioactivity

  • Consequential loss or damage of any kind except as provided under Section 2 of this policy

  • Judgment from outside the jurisdiction of Hong Kong SAR
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