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Employees Compensation
Employees' CompensationEmployees' Compensation

Under Hong Kong's Employees Compensation Ordinance, all employers are liable to compensate their employees should they sustain bodily injury or die in an accident arising out of and in the course of the employees' employment. The no-fault system means that employers are legally responsible even if the accident was caused by the employees’ carelessness. Employees' Compensation Insurance is therefore not only an legal obligation but also a means to protect yourself against financial risks.

Summary of Cover

Our basic Employees' Compensation Insurance shall cover your Common Law liability up to HK$100 million for any one event. Tailor-made products are also available upon request, for details, please contact your insurance agent/broker or us.

Employees' Compensation Insurance is also an optional cover in our comprehensive Commercial Packaged Products, see Commercial Multicover, Office Protect and Shop Master.
Do You Know?

Do you know that this Ordinance also applies to Domestic Helpers? Make sure your helper is insured, check out our Domestic Helper Insurance.

Note: Please note that the above information is a brief articulation of what the product covers and is intended to be a general summary. We request you to refer to the policy wordings document for exact terms and conditions and details of the exclusions.
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