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Calculators and Tools
Health Calculators and Tools

We bring to you useful tools and tests that shall enable you to know yourself better. Right from your body mass index to what kind of a driver you are, get a comprehensive overview by just clicking on the tool or test you would like to undertake.

Body Mass Index
It gives a general indication if weight falls within a healthy range.

Waist to Hip ratio
Measurement of waist or waist to hip ratio used to determine the pattern of obesity.

Energy Calculator
Calculate approximately how much energy you burn during the day.

Jogging and Running Calorie Calculator
It gives you a rough idea of how many calories you will burn off by Jogging or Running.

Daily Activity calculator
Helps to know how much calories have been shredded on a particular activity.

Activity Calculator (at the gym)
It facilitates in calculating the calories burnt by an individual during exercising.

Activity Calculator (during a game)
Find out how many calories do you burn while playing a game.

Calorie Calculator
How much of energy do I need to power any physical activity

Calorie Calculator (Occupation related)
Calculate approximately how many calories do you burn when you work?

Pregnancy Calculator
Helps in estimating the time of conception to the delivery date

Heart Rate
What is my heart rate?
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